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I'm excited to announce that my new book, The Migration of Darkness, New & Selected Poems 1975-2020 is now out as a kindle ebook that can be ordered worldwide! Over 125 poems! Press here!

The Stonehenge Watch "The must have gadget for the Great American Eclipse, 2017!" The Eclipse Predictor!

 (Please Note: See the Link to the complete "Observing Solar Eclipses-1 Resource Letter" by the noted astronomer, Jay Pasachoff , in The American Journal of Physics, June '17, on the left under "Home") 

A vintage reading by Peter Payack from1991, as featured reader at Jack Powers 20th Anniversary of his Stone Soup Poets at TT Bears in Central Square, Cambridge

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Welcome to the year 14,000,002,024!
We survived
one of the most memorable years in Human History! 
but our spiral Galaxy keeps on spinning!!! 
On September 5, 2015 my mom unepectedly died,
and even though she was 93, somehow I was surprised, and profoundly affected.
As a poet I tried to capture my feelings, as best I could, and turned them into about 50 poems.
It is true that these poems are about my mom,but i tried to capture the experience of a sentient 
being at this time in this place. From time to time I will put a poem or two up on this site.
Here is one of my micro poems that just came out in the Special 40th Anniversary of the Jan/Feb 2017 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine:
Once mom died
I felt the weight and immensity
of never and forever. 
The best way to contact me is to text my cell phone:617.512.9196. Please Identify yourself in the text,
or of course at my email: 

Prestigious journal from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Baffler,
publishes 4 poems from The Book of Conceptual Anarchy!
(Up-Dated 06/30/14,000,002,024) 

A poem from The Book of Conceptual Anarchy


THE MIGRATION OF DARKNESS, and its many lives 

You know how poems can be like your children, once you write and publish them they take on a life of their own?

Well, way back in 1978, I wrote a poem called The Migration of Darkness.  It was published in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in 1979 and in 1980 was awarded

The Rhysling Award for the years best poem in science fiction.  

It has subsequently been re-published dozens of times and in the last year has picked up a few more honors.  

In 2007, the notable writer and critic Greg Beatty said "the poet and the poem were canonized" as part of  science fiction literary history.

And within the last few months, Quirk Press named it as the Numero Uno poem that comebines Poetry and Art.

On top of all that,  a science fiction website, named it number 5 of the top ten science ficrion poems of all times.

And all this while I'm just sitting on my fat ass! (Metaphorically, that is, I just started running again,

after my two knee replacements and heart procedures last summer.

Take a look below: 

More Kudos from the prestigious OMNI Magazine

Number One Science & Art Poem

Science Fiction's All Time 10 best Poems

Order the paperback book on Amazon Prime: $12.95 or the kindle eBook $4.99 THE MIGRATION OF DARKNESS, NEW AND SELECTED SCIENCE FICTION POEMS, 1975-2020 By Peter Payack

 It's Here! Order Now from Amazon!!! 


These poems were first published in The Paris Review, The New York Times, The Cornell Review, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Amazing Science Fiction and Creative Computing, Asimov's Wonders of The World, Astromony, The Baffler, etc.   Over 200 previously published poems,  only $12.95!






Peter Payack's poetic innovation, PHONE-a-POEM

is celebrated and archived at Harvard! 


Today In Photos, Harvard University, Feb. 8, 2013

Phone-a-Poem Gallery opens at Harvard, Harvard Crimson Article

Phone-a-Poem Archives at Harvard, content details (as of 06/30/2024


Book of Conceptual Anarchy, Volume 1 is out, sort of!!!! Now available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook! 
It was exclusively printed at under the Assembly Line Studio imprint.  However this book could not be purchased.  Each copy is numbered and signed by the author, me!
I also write a personalized note to each person.  Contact me, at for the criteria to receive a  paperback copy of the Book. This book is a philosophy book, written
in poetry.  Serious, but Funny, so what else is new! 
I would only give it to those I deemed worthy, but after the pansemic of 2020, everyone is worthy!

Press here to order the eBook edition The Book of Conceptual Anarchy on Amazon Prime!

Did you know Peter Payack was featured in the PBS Children's show ARTHUR? The episode is Arthur 1308 "Fernlets for Fern" and is now part of the shows regular rotation. See here for ten photos made during the filming at the Kennedy-Longfellow school in Cambridge, MA

Order ON THE RIVER: The Cambridge Community Poem from

Dean of American poetry, John Ashbery, unexpectedly endorses Payack's "Cambridge Community Poem" in the April 25, 2009 Boston Globe!

 Peter Payack's new book, CONCEPTUAL ANARCHY, a Selection of poems, prose poems, epigrams, collages, and a short play from 1973-2010, is now available!!! Order a  signed copy at  $8.00 p&h included!

Peter Payack's Prize Winning Photo for Cambridge Resident Parking Sticker (Click Here)


Front Page Boston Globe Article, Feb 20 2009, "Gath'ring words, expansive, terse, to tell a Cambridge tale in verse"

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Peter Payack, with his infamous dog, Maxx


Peter Payack at the Dante memorial at the Basilica of Santa Croce church in Firenze, Italia

Peter Payack
Digital Illustration by Peter Paul Payack

PPPP with sons Peter Paul and Mike at the Duomo
Firenzi, Easter Midnight, under full moon

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