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List:  These are some of the things we are searching for:

1.  A fig leaf from the Garden of Eden.
2.  A street map from Atlantis.            
3.  Diogenes'Lantern.                            
4.  A thread from the fabric of space.           
5.  The Holy Grail.                                       
6.  A stalactite from Plato's Cave.
7.  An item bought from the Store of Knowledge.
8.  A candle lit from the Light of Reason.
9.  One of Demonsthenes' pebbles.
10.  The chicken who crossed the road.
11.  Something laudable from the Delphic Oracle.
12.  Any one or more of the following:
      a. earth
      b. air
      c. fire
      d. water
13. The ear plugs won by God at The Big Bang.
14.  A handful of muck from Heraclitus' River of Flux.
15.  A photo of Godot (or Bardot.)
16.  A juicy bit of gossip from the Tower of Babel.
17.  Ichabod Crane's travel itinerary.
18.  An unthinkable thought.
19.  Nous.
20.  A branch from the Tree of Knowledge.
21. Any one of a thousand angels found standing on the head of a pin.
22.  Methuselah's Metamucil.
23.  A spoke from Apollo's Chariot.
24.  A bottle of sparkling water from the Spring of Life.
25.  Manna from Heaven
26.  A nail bent by Nietsche's hammer.
27.  A hair cut by Ockham's razor.
28.  A lark from Noah's Ark.
29.  The author's luggage last seen on the shuttle to New York.
30.  Nivana.   

This project can be started at any time, preferably at one's leisure.
All things have to be sought after and found by yourself.  
There is no time limit.
Start out by seeking truth in your own neighborhood, and places that are familiar to you, but all other areas are open to rummaging as well.
Leave no stone unturned.
Except for the Store of Knowledge, merchandizing centers are off limits.

Send results to:
Peter Payack,
Conceptual Anarchist
Or by snail mail:
64 Highland Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Feedback, Questions, ideas? Email:

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